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Tickets: $ 30 (around U$S 1,5)
Except for children under 12 years-old, students and ICOM members

Free entrance: Tuesdays
Special discounts for groups of over 20 people (previous arrangement required).

School Nº 15 "Cuba" and School Nº 54 Cerro (august 2006)

Guided visits for primary school groups have started. The play The Star Sower allows small children to approach José Gurvich and his work in a cheerful an enjoyable way.

The script comes from the research on José Gurvich's life and work carried out by Mariela Maggioli. It is meant for children from 6 to 11 years old. Music, art and permanence are the core on which the text develops.
The kibbutz, its characters and their way of life were immortalized on Gurvich's paintings. Maggioli explains these moving experiences for the artist in "The Stars Sower" with great recreational spirit. This can be seen when one of the characters escapes from the picture to play, causing a cosmic chaos. In this way, the Gurvich Museum presents the whole collection and the museum itself to the youngest visitors.

Upon request, the Gurvich Museum offers the Didactic Kit for Institutes that would like extra material to work with.

The Guided Visits for adults around the museum consist of a tour with comments and analysis of Gurvich's work.


Guided Visit to Malvin´s Experimental School teachers. (august 2006)

Guided visit with Mrs. Julia Añorga de Gurvich (april 2006)

To arrange reduced price group guided visits, phone 915.7826 or e-mail



AUTHOR: Mariela Maggioli
PERFORMERS: Mariana Baquet, Natalia Chiarelli, Mariela Maggioli

VIOLÍN: Bettina Chávez





Ituzaingó 1377 Plaza Matriz 915 7825 / 712 0512