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The Didactic Kit is a tool that Gurvich Museum offers to teachers in order to make children have previous contact with José Gurvich and his work and therefore make their visit a holistic experience.
This kit contains the following:

A book by Prof Alicia Haber which analyses José Gurvich's work
A DVD about Jose Gurvich's life featuring relatives and friends
Posters with his work reproductions, presented ideally to be exhibited in the classroom
Posters with José Gurvich's chronology, which reproduces the one at the museum

The activity proposed by the museum consists of organizing an exhibition about Gurvich at the children's school or institution. By doing this, children can understand the museum's role in promoting and conserving the works of art that it has and at the same time, it demands each child:

to know the artist and his work
to elaborate a strategy to exhibit the work
to promote the activity in their own institution or school (interviews for the school newspaper, letters to other teachers and school mates, etc.)

The Didactic Kit is given for free a week before the visit to the museum
To coordinate visits, e-mail or call 915.7826.








Ituzaingó 1377 Plaza Matriz 915 7825 / 712 0512