What Jose Gurvich wrote is about personal thoughts, internal dialogues, that go to paper as part of the reflexive exercise of the vital elaboration of the artist. Ideas emerged without any theoretical pretension.
They are concepts that allow us to feel nearer to his way of feeling and thinking.

They were originally notes on notebooks pages. Some of them are part of sketches or drawings.

  Time does not create categories, but changes. A painter in this century is not in better or worse conditions than in the past or in the future. A new feature in art is a value. The value is determined by the artist, in anonymous or individual times, primitive or civilizing times, as it's always man who promotes art and that artist man is the one that eventually determines its value.//
  Changes in art come from a way of being which is inherent in man: inner curiosity. When this is satisfied or the adventure of what is new is fulfilled, only the value of art remains, that is, the deep and significant aspect of the artistic deed. In a few words, there is no classical or modern painting, but just good or bad painting.//
  Pure game or invention go together, almost juxtaposed; the images in my paintings are purely poetic. Their origin: they are experiences of the artistic task.
My purpose: the free creation game. Man and things that appear are seen from inside-outside. My deepest pleasure is the creation game, which offers freedom of image and space. Freedom of image creates spontaneity, since there is no rational vigilance that stops me to speculate. It is then when free space becomes a place with endless possibilities. In this way, I go knitting this experience with great pleasure. If there is a free spirit, there is a free space.//
  Art does not reveal the truth, it is not committed to reality, art is a human invention and human beings express themselves through it. Expression is the shape of feeling, and intuition is the way to reach feeling where reason remains aside.//
  Certain paintings were inspired in the contemplation of a ripe fruit. By deeply contemplating, experiencing that free image of a peech or a tomato, I started reflecting in my paintings the golden or red plenitude which that fruit was full of. Plenitude and intensity. I stopped reasoning to completely feel each millimeter of the canvas, to fill each artistic instant with life and rythm in a free space with endless possibilities. Shapes appear spontaneously with no categories or vigilance, in free solitude; color bursts as a ripe fruit in the summer and an intense and silent black color isolates the shapes for their colors to be shown with no rivalry, no compromise. Every shape appears separately and together they sing a song hidden inside me for a long time.//
  While concept limits, intuition frees us. At the edge of the concept, near the limit, adventure arose in front of me, the need for adventure came from an urgent inner curiosity. In my adventure, everything is possible because I imagine everything. To find life, I had to fling myself to free space with the only hope of finding my own voice in the dark bottom of space. It was then that my imagination ran desperately along endless galleries, discovering an unsuspicious world, a world of adventures, because of the bogo full of anguish and happiness, full of voices that sing the song of "forever still" with echoes, shapes and colors.//
  Recognizing my own style is like trying to recognize my own voice. A man can only be known for the path he's gone along. Therefore, it's only by walking that I prove my authenticity and I live day by day trying to find myself, always walking.//

Stars also have their song, and so do birds and flowers. Walking is not advancing, walking has no other purpose than to continue living and, to make my paintings live, I only need the public to recreate and participate experiencing them. //


In my opinion, in canvas there are no points more important than others, there are no hierarchies, I try to give life millimeter per millimeter.//





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